R.I.P. Cathy "Koreana" White

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I found out today, a few days late, that a fellow Howard University Alum and Maury High School Alum has passed away.  Cathy, the pretty, yet very quiet, reserved, and friendly girl who once graced the hallways of Maury High School, has now moved on to a better place.

I didn't know Cathy as well as others, but I always admired her beauty and her personality.  Even at Maury, Cathy carried herself like a model, and wore the clothes to prove it.  I was surprised when I ran into her on Howard's campus my 3rd year there, and even then, I was impressed and excited that I knew her.

A few years ago, while on Facebook, I would show some of my friends her modeling pics.  When I saw her picture as the profile pic of another FB friend earlier today, I thought my iPhone app was acting up (as it does more often then not.)  As I read this friend's profile...I was still lost.  "Cathy couldn't have passed away", I said aloud as my 5-month old looked at me.  I searched my friends list, and Cathy's page wasn't there.  Since I rarely look at my friends list, I couldn't even remember the last time I'd checked out her page.

I took my thoughts to google...which now proved to be a horrible decision.  Blogger after blogger, referring to an alleged situation...then linking to the wannabe "real" story in the midst of reporting the sad news....to the forum where people who don't have a clue who she is, speculates....was way too much for me.

Is it true?  Is she who they say she is?  I DON'T KNOW!  I DON'T CARE!

What is important is that this beautiful young (28 years old) woman is no longer gracing our presence.

This is a prime example of how sensationalism can get out of hand.  I, too, like to get ALL of the facts, but when the situation hits home, your perception changes.

Despite this, my search did offer more positive news.  Cathy, also known as Koreana Hun, was a model, actress, screen-writer, and song writer.

Cathy was a beautiful person and she will be missed.  As I shared with one of her family members, her family is in my prayers.

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I heard about this on Facebook, then I went to Google too. People have no shame. I am sad to hear about Cathy. I will keep her family in my prayers as well.

It's funny you mentioned how she dressed. I looked in the year book for '00 and she was voted "Best Dressed". It's sad to see someone die so young.

You're right! I didn't think about that when I was writing this, but I guess memory served me correctly.

Cahthy White was loved and truely admired by her Hometown and Classmates at Maury High School class of '00 Cathy would of been 30 today July 3,2012.

"Let's keep the memory alive of Cathy "Koreana" White and cherish life as we will never forget those that where taken from us as she has been."

We love you and miss you so much,
your Hometown

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